Till now treatment









0 - 3 years of age.
At the age of 18 months I was slowly able to start crawling, after a lot of
practise and also a lot of falling over I was finally able to walk when I was 2
years old, but I was still unable to speak.
4 - 6 years of age.
Following the first Dolphin therapy on March 4th I began to speak, I was
however unable to maintain eye contact with others. My speech got better and
better to the point that I was able to tell people my wishes and what I
Because of my internal unrest I find it very difficult to concentrate.
After the third therapy session I was able to create sentences, I became better
at concentrating and was sometimes able to maintain eye contact, I even managed
to learn some song lyrics, as music is my strong point.
7 - 8 years of age.
I do still need constant care as I can not recognise potential dangers, I am
however now able to construct whole sentences and have been going to the Levana
school in Bad Neuenahr since August 2007. At the beginning it was very tough but
I have been able to overcome this by integrating myself in the school very well.
It is important for me to be in a structured environment as I otherwise feel
very unsafe.
>From July 2008 I no longer need to wear a happy (hurray). Through the means of
pictures I am also now able to understand instructions and sometimes am able to
carry them out such as clearing up the plates and cutlery.
Olivers development went quiete well, he doesnīt need an integration help any longer, what makes us very 
happy. Thatīs the merit of Nadja Daniels and we are very grateful to her for helping us. 
Thanks Nadja for everything you teach Oliver!
At home Oliver needs a lot of attention, he doesnīt employ hisself and needs his regulated daily routine. 
0 - 3 years of age.
Following the time that he stopped breathing at the age of 4 weeks, Marvin
spent 5 months in hospital fighting for his life, according to the doctors he
had no chance of survival as he had suffered severe brain damage and bleeding,
but he is a fighter and got through such a lot that nobody wanted to comment
on what might happen.
Despite this by the age of 2 he was able to sit up whilst being supported, had
control of his head, smiled a lot, and began to discriminate.
He was able to stand upright in a special frame and was very content, of course
he still needed various pieces of special equipment such as seating frames,
special shoes etc but he managed with them. But in January 2004 he got a cramp
attack and fell into a vigilant coma.
4 - 8 years of age.
Marvins recovery has been very difficult, he had a stomach probe and through
this had numerous cases of Pneumonia, everything he had learnt up until then was
gone. He condition worsened, he found it increasingly difficult to eat and had
lost the ability to support his head, he also no longer had the control over
his arms or legs and very seldom reacted to anything.
In view of this his Mum and Dad took the decision to take him to a Dolphin
therapy session in March 2004. His actions are like that of a Baby but he is
once again able to react and also smile, that gives his Mum and Dad the
strength to carry on. Now and again he still needs oxygen but as we have all
that at home at least he doesn`t  not need to go to the hospital for it.
Marvin loves to swim with the Dolphins, smiles a lot and is very relaxed when
he`s with them. The cramp attacks are also a lot less and that`s why Mum
and Dad want him to swim with the Dolphins as often as possible as it is a
nice time for him and will give him strength the next time things get worse.
Marvin endured  five other head-operations this year. He ist very strong for
the coming operation to close his stomach. Itīs necessery because reflow destroys 
his gullet. In winter the plates and bolts will be taken of again.