Till now treatment










We were born by cesarian section on July 22nd 2000.
With the exception of a crooked neck I was okay.
Up to my first Birthday I was apparently healthy but slow 
developed for my age.
Following a Gene test the diagnosis was; 
Partial Gene defect Tetrasomie 15q
reg. 11-13


At the age of 4 weeks Marvin suddenly stopped breathing, 
as a result of this he had the following illnesses;
Various brain bleeds and brain damage. 
These have had to be treated 10 times to
date because of infections and disfunction.
Epilepsy with focal and general cramps that cannot 
be totally medically controlled.
Muscle weakening.
Very bad psychomotoric problems which 
affect both his physical and mental
Complete multiple organ failure, blood poisoning, 
and heart muscle weakness.
His condition following multiple reanimations is that 
he is brain damaged and bad eyesight.
Following a cramp attack in 2004, Marvin fell into 
a vigilant coma, after that
he received a stomach probe.
Numerous cases of lung inflammation followed.
Marvin needs meanwhile more and more often oxygen  
because of standing infections.
His hips have already been fixed by an operation
with plate and bolts because of his spasticity.
Because of the breathlessness Marvin has now and then  we got oxygen for home.
After the hip operation Marvin was in rehabilitation in Mauritius Klinik in Meerbusch in 
january 2009.
Mid-January Marvin was misplaced to Helios Klinik Krefeld because of acute cerebral
compression. There he had tree head-operations but as his conditions got from bad to worse
he misplaced again in early March to Asklepios Klinik in St.Augustin, where they operated him 
two more times again.
His conditions got very worse and now he has a caregiving nurse almost 24 hours a day.

The 17th june 2009 was the date when a fundoplication with laparotomy was realized, what means the stomach got closed, so that the stomach acid does not

regurgitate into the gullet again. Two days after the procedure his state worse.

The stomach tube wasn´t close, so the food and the medicine got into abdominal

cavity an he got a purulent peritonity.

As the diductions of the shunt lay in the abdominal cavity and gems (bacteria) got into his head, first the diduction had to be layn off the head.

He got a fungal infection in the water of his brain and  additional water in his lung, which was the reason why he had to be  ventilated for a while.

At the end of juli they put the diduction aside from his head and this time into the artery of his throat, because there was no other possibiliy besause of the purulent peritonity.......